Section 106 Agreement Pembrokeshire


Section 106 agreements are legal agreements that are entered into by planning authorities and developers. These agreements are put in place to ensure that certain planning obligations are met, such as providing affordable housing or improving local infrastructure. In Pembrokeshire, section 106 agreements are an essential part of the planning process.

Pembrokeshire is a beautiful county in Wales that is home to a variety of stunning natural landscapes, including sandy beaches, rugged coastlines, and rolling hills. The county is also home to many historical landmarks, such as the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and the historic town of Pembroke. All of these attractions attract a significant number of tourists every year, making Pembrokeshire an important destination in Wales.

To ensure that the county`s natural beauty is preserved, the Pembrokeshire planning authorities have put in place strict planning regulations that developers must adhere to. Section 106 agreements are a crucial part of this process, helping to ensure that developers meet the necessary obligations to protect the environment and local communities.

One example of a section 106 agreement in Pembrokeshire is the recent development of the St Davids Cross housing development. This project, which is located in the heart of St Davids, includes 39 new homes, of which 12 are affordable housing. As part of the planning process, the developers were required to enter into a section 106 agreement that ensured they provided adequate infrastructure for the development, such as new roads and utilities.

In addition to this, the developers were also required to provide financial contributions towards local services and amenities, such as healthcare and education. These agreements help to ensure that the local community benefits from new developments, rather than being negatively impacted by them.

When it comes to section 106 agreements in Pembrokeshire, it is essential that developers work closely with local planning authorities to ensure that all necessary obligations are met. This includes providing affordable housing, improving infrastructure, and contributing to local services and amenities.

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